About Us

Our Story

Think Learning Hub was born out of a necessity for
quality education at a fair cost. Our aim is to provide
students from all walks of life, the right to a great education.

Our tutors have studied at graduate and doctorate levels at prestigious
institutions. They are consistently high achieving individuals who are
highly able at transferring knowledge in an effective, enjoyable and
versatile way. Our aim is to pass on the same ethos to all students.

We started Think Learning Hub over a decade ago, because of our passion
and desire to impart our knowledge and values to the generation of tomorrow.
Throughout our history we have proven our methodology to inspire and
educate students really does work! This is exemplified by our past students’
success, in their education and careers.

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How we work

We focus on providing tailored lessons
in small intimate groups, tutoring in
11+, mathematics, science & english,
ranging from KS1 to A-level.

Our lessons are 2 hour sessions and run
throughout the week after school and on the
weekend. To ensure the quality and consistency
of our lessons are maintained, we limit our groups
to 5-8 students a lesson.

Using textbooks, past papers, our own resources and homework tasks, we monitor and track the progress of students to achieve their goals in school, college and their potential dream job.